We want to offer you information about the development of The Revealed project. It has been launched by Czech Radio Leonardo station in cooperation with Prague zoo three years ago. It has gained hundreds of thousand of fans all around the world since then. It also received several awards, the Panda Award among them and helped to raise more than 750 000 Czech crowns to help gorillas in Africa. We think that it is one of the best and most successful multimedia project, realized in the Czech Republic. It fulfils the mission of the Czech Radio, defined by the Act on Czech Radio No 484/1991. The project is educative, multimedia, is brings information and entertainment to all age categories. The project is very popular by public, there is monthly about 150 000 accesses to the webpage, 80 - 90 % are long-term fans of the project.


The radio is public subject, which means, that its mission is independent information, education, entertainment. it is not allowed to act as a commercial radio. It is controlled by the Council of the CRo, which has no right to directly influence the broadcasting, but makes decisions on the budget, the post of the general director, etc. The Council should be strictly apolitical and refers to Czech Parliament.


On Thursday November 9 2008 The Czech radio announced on The Revealed web page this:

 The Revealed project should have taken three months. But now it has been three years since it was launched. Originally The Revealed was "slightly different reality show", later it moved to the position "we help gorillas" -by the way there is a book for Cameroon pupils with Moja s a hero on the way to Africa. But after three years we had to consider how to continue. And because we are not in a situation, when we could move the project on a higher level, we decided to stop the TV magazines and entrust the web page to you, authors of the blogs and people who take part in discussions. The on-line internet broadcasting will continue in the meanwhile.


At the same moment they have changed the Czech web page of the project, hided all the videos and articles in the archive and left there only blogs and discussions.

When asking about the reasons for closing the project, we discovered, that the Council makes some pressure on the CRo to limit or quit the project. Last summer the Council in its official resolution recommended to "re-evaluate the multimedia projects of the Leonardo station" according to their high costs. But we know, that the costs of this project are not enormous, they are very reasonable, thanks to sponsors, who provided the project with all the necessary technique.

To find more information and to create a platform for exchange of opinions we have created this Initiative GORILLAS ON-LINE IN DANGER, involving about 50 people now.

We are going to open this initiative to wide public and we invite you to write us your opinion, use the discussion on this web page or e-mail contacts.