6 March 2009

Another interesting moment from our correspondence with the Council of the Czech Radio:

We got a letter, dated 27/2/2009, containing a reaction of the Council to “a petition sent to them by our initiative on February 1”. But we did not send any petition to the Council, neither on February 1, nor on any other date. So we are asking in letter from 6 March:

“As we haven’t send to the Council any petition neither on February 1, nor on any other date and so we don’t know, what you react on in your letter, we request an explanation, eventually a copy of the letter, you react on.

With regards…”


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5 March 2009

The record of the meeting of Audit committee:

4 March 2009

Another meeting of the Audit committee of the Czech Parliament. The chair quoted statements of the Parliament institute, proofing that the board of the Council is illegal, the members of the board are getting their reward in conflict with law. All the members of the committee also got our statement – and they had it on the table in front of them during the meeting:

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Two of our representatives were at the meeting.

The committee in the end adopted a decision that the Council acts in conflict in law, and will present this fact to other committees and ask Supreme Audit Office for evaluation of their activities.


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25 February 2009

Another meeting of the Council. Of course we were there. Before the meeting we heard gossiping that the Council wanted to recall the general director. In the end they didn’t put is on the agenda. The general director announced publicly, that The Reveled continues.

To calm our enthusiasm down a bit – the council also decided to sue two of our members – for libel. We won the battle – war continues.

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We published a pres release, informing about what happened before the council (in the morning the security service announced that during the meeting the main entrance to the radio would be closed), what happened at the meeting and asking – will then the Council sue the Parliamentary Inspection Committee as well? They were asking the same questions as we were!


2 February 2009

Tomorrow a new meeting of the Parliament starts. We will deliver to all the members the statement of our three initiatives, requesting recalling the council:


The statement summarizes all the reasons: The council ignores the requests of public and does not communicate with it well, they try to influence the programs and projects of the Czech radio in a way, which is beyond their competencies, some of the members had conflicts of interest, they are bossing the general director in unacceptable way…


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The funeral and the meeting of the Council

Some VIP participated in the happening including an assistant of the Minister of education (who also sent a burial bouquet).

Before the meeting of the council the security service announced that the number of people, they let to see the meeting, would be limited to 20. The people who stayed outside wrote a protest note, requesting their right to visit the meeting, which – according the law – must be open for public.

The Council went through its agenda, they also approved a letter, which they send as approved two hours before the meeting started. We were fast enough to even publish this mistake in media before the meeting started. But they just said – it was a mistake of the secretary of the Council.

The general director was again blamed by the council for breaking the law which he strongly disagreed with.


Photos of the happening:


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14 January 2009 

Invitation to the next meeting of the Council – and to the happening before the meeting. The happening was organized as a funeral of quality in the Czech Radio


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26 January 2009 We sent another letter to the Council of the Czech radio

We complained about no clear reaction on our requests from 15 December, about the fact, that the Board of the Council is not based on law – it means it exists in conflict with a law and in spite of that it adopts some decisions and we requested again:

1)    Clear statement about multimedia projects being supported by the Council

2)    In their replies to public to react on real questions and give real answers

3)    To harmonize the behaviour of the Council with the law


The letter was signed by 125 people 


25 January 2009: Article about the Council, written by a member of Parliament:

(Blaming the council for bossing of the general director of the Czech Radio Vaclav Kasik).

21 January 2009
Two parliamentary committees  met today – the Cultural Committee and the Audit Committee. The second one had the annual report of the Czech Radio on the programme, and the members were asking the council really nasty questions about their economics and activities. It seems that members of the Parliament are aware of the fact, that something is wrong with the Council.  


21 January 2009
The meeting of the Media Committee, originally planed for today, was postponed for February 5, but it will be extraordinary meeting, so our request will be probably postponed to march.


17 January 2009
Another meeting of the gorilla friends in the Prague zoo. 24 people signed letters for the chair of the Parliament Mr. Vlček and the chair of the Media committee Mr. Jandák, asking for recalling the Council of the Czech radio.


13 January 2009
We participated in the action supporting activities to save radio Wave


We met the representatives of the initiative NECHEME PŘELADIT (nemáme kam) and ProWave and we agreed to coordinate our future steps. We also publicly declared our support to their initiatives. Several hundreds people signed our petition this evening.  


12 January 2009 – More articles

(Speaks about three initiatives against the Council of the CRo agreeing on cooperation)


6 January 2009

Up today we have about 450 signatures on the petition. We continue also with sending individual letters to the Parliament, asking for recalling the council.

We realized, that we are 4th initiative, trying to influence or recall the Council of the Czech radio within one year! So we are meeting the others and are discussing future cooperation. 


17 - 18 December 2008 More articles were published:

especially this one worth seeing – just for the photo :o) 

17 December 2008 We visited the Council of the Radio and witnessed complete ignorance of our request. In the same day we launched new press release, announcing our request for recalling the members of the Council.

We started petition, addressed to the parliament. The petition describes in details all the possible reasons for recalling the council. I ma working on translating its main points to English. Unfortunately under the Czech Law only Czech citizens can address our Parliament by petition.

Photos from the meeting are here:   

13 december 2008 – More articles: 

12 december 2008 We published our statement, saying briefly:

- We are aware of the fact, that the Council of the Czech Radio is not competent to make any direct decision about the program of the Radio, but the way, how they influence it, is indirect. And we lisetd some examples.

- We stressed, that the Radio is member of the European Broadcasting Union, which adopted internet as one of the main priorities for future. All important world media use multimeda elements, it is neccessery part of the progress.

- We asked the Council to adopt clear supportive  statement about multimedia projects and their development in the Czech Radio.  

11 – 12 december 2008 – More articles were published:   ln_noviny.asp?c=A081212_000039_ln_noviny_sko&klic=229027&mes=081212_0 

10 December 2008 The council of the Czech Radio published a statement, saying that they never made any decision concerning The Revealed project. They say closing the project is fully in competency of  the Czech Radio.

9 December 2008 we got an official answer form Miroslav Bobek, the director of Leonardo station, explaining, that he decided to stop the project, because he did not have enough space and support for future development of the project. The problems were always caused by the Council of the Czech Radio.

He appreciated our initiative a lot and informed us, that the general director Mr. Kasik invited him for a meeting about the future about the project. He will keep us informed.  

5 9 december 2008 – About 12 newspapers published articles about our initiative: 

4 December 2008 We took part in a seminar called „Public service in the media“.

 Our question:  For which reasons has Czech Radio been forced to cancel popular and succesful projects like, for example „The Revealed“ … 

The answer of the general director of Czech Radio: We can do things in such an atmosphere which is helpful and  prepared. It’s also true that some things which take a certain time have to be innovated. Innovation is always connected with some finances and it’s necessary to attract more people. So let us finish this process and we will decide according to these parameters how to continue. 


4 December 2008 Christmas gorillas party

On Thursday 4th of December there was a Christmas gorillas party in the restaurant „Konec konců“ . One part of this event was the christening of the book  „Revealed – phenomen“ (20,- Czech crowns from every sold copy goes to saving gorillas in Africa). This book, by contributors Miroslav Bobek, Khalil Baalbaki and Marek Václavík was christened by the general director of Czech Radio Václav Kasík. In his opening speech Miroslav Bobek emphasised that this is a Christmas party, not a farewell party. In the company of the associates of „The Revealed“ project and some gorilla keepers we had a good time.


26 November 2008 we visit the meeting of the C ouncil of the Czech Radio, which is open for public. we want to know, how they will react on our letters.  

We are invited to meet with the general director of the Czech radio Mr. Václav Kasík. 

We have send several letters to the Council of the CRo, asking for explanation of their attitude. 

We adressed some mebers of the Parliament CR, we got a promisse that this cause will be discussed on the meeting of the Parliamentary media commitee. We don´t know when yet. 

We have send an oficial request for an explanation of the situation to the director of radio Leonardo, signed by 48 people. 

First we linked, started looking for information and created this web page. We founded the iniciative GORILLAS ON-LINE IN DANGER.